About BrightScreen



​1. giving out or reflecting a lot of light; shining.
​2. intelligent and quick-witted.

Our mission

Make fastcomprehensive, and compliant applicant screening as easy and accessible as online shopping through technology, best-in-class Customer Care, and continuous improvement of how we work.

Our history

Spun off in 2016 from a long-time Houston investigation firm, BrightScreen has more than 25 years experience providing pre-employment background checks to local, state, and national organizations.

February-May 2016

KGI is founded and completes the acquisition of the background screening division of K. Griff Investigations, Inc.

Fall 2016

KGI completes its transition from paper-based screening to the KGI/Cloud 1.0 screening platform

Fall 2022

KGI rebrands as BrightScreen, reflecting the company's mission to work smarter to deliver best-in-class products and services 


BrightScreen continues to develop and deploy the latest technology in background screening while continuously improving our products, services, and support

Our leadership team

Zachary Rand

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Nicknamed "Zach-of-all-Trades" in college by his manager, Zach has a knack for strategy, systems, and logistics. 

His background spans roles as an Army logistics officer (including two combat deployments), biopharmaceutical operations planning, and even some restaurant management early on. 

He also founded several companies – a craft brewery, a travel consultancy, and a logistics consulting firm in addition to BrightScreen. As our Chief Strategy Officer, Zachary focuses on identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in business development, technology, industry regulation, and current trends to ensure the company's long-term success.

Michael Cox

President & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

An impassioned organizational leader who enjoys challenges. He has 14 years of management experience, and 5 years of executive management experience, building teams, resolving conflicts, and managing operations.

He served as a Ranger qualified Army Infantry Officer leading multiple formations; from teaching at the US Army Infantry School, to being a Liaison Officer attached to  1st BN Special Forces Det. Delta (SMU) during operations in Afghanistan,  commanding paratroopers, to leading a division headquarters staff. 

Among his major accomplishments, he commanded two companies, graduated from the Command and General Staff College,  as well as planning and executing US Army INDO-PACOM exercise conducted in India; Exercise Yudh Abhyas 20. 

Deanna Staner

Director, Customer Operations & Support

With more than 25 years in the screening industry and more than 350,000 reports produced, Deanna is a subject matter expert in providing fast, compliant background reports to organizations of all sizes across multiple industries.